14 December 12

Christmas Wishlist


I am so sorry guys for being gone for almost 7 months but hey! I’m back now, and it’s for good. I might not be able to post lots of outfit and travel posts but I will try my very best to post anything fashion related or anything interesting that you guys would like.

This is actually the part 1 of my wish list, and yes there is a part 2. Everything in my wish list are things that I can wear. But there will be a part 2 so watch out for that!

1. Camo/Military Jacket - As you can see Camo/Military is kind of in the trend right now, and I have been finding this for months. But I just can’t see the one that I want specifically, I am seeing lots online but it’s just not what I want.

2. 1460 Black Dr. Martens - If you guys have been reading my blog for quite some time now you would know that I already have a 1460 Dr. Martens but in Cherry Red. I just think having black boots is essential, though I already have black boots. I want the 1460’s specifically. /choosy

3. Clubmaster Sunglasses - If you’re my follower in Twitter or Instagram, you would know that I already have clubmasters but it has clear lenses and I want the sunglasses to hide my eyes from people. 

4. Black Studded Loafers - I never actually thought I would want these studded loafers but I am actually in love with it now. I am seeing lots in the mall but it’s for girls, and I can’t wear it if it’s for girls. The one in the photo is from Unif, it’s a shop in the States which is not available here in the Philippines. But I’m still hoping I can find these here!

5. Denim Vest - I have been obsessing about denim vests ever since I saw one in Oxygen, and I didn’t buy it. Regrets regrets regrets. But I’ll be going to bazaars and I hope I can score one.

6. Cuffed Pants - Recently I just bought the same colored chinos in the photo, but I think it’s lighter but I want these because the bottom of the pants are cuffed. Want.

So guys, if you are getting me any of these. Tweet or message me your email, and I’ll send you my address.

3 June 12

Meteorological Phenomenon

What I’m wearing: Button Down (Adidas), Shirt (Hanes), Necklace (Personalized Accessories), Bag (Flying Dutchman), Jeans (Folded and Hung), Shoes (Dr. Martens)

Colorful Button Down from AdidasPlain V-Neck from HanesAnchor Necklace from Personalized Accessories

Gaff Rucksack from Flying Dutchman.

Cherry Red 1460’s from Dr. Martens

Hype this look on Lookbook here!

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1 June 12


Last night, my Parents suddenly decided that we should watch Men In Black 3 at Resorts World, coz’ RW is the only place where there are Cinemas up to 5 AM.

The cinema started at about 12:05 AM.

After watching we went to Shakey’s to eat at about 3 AM.  Got home at 4 AM, tired.

Posted: 2:42 PM

Double Mustache

What I’m wearing: Jacket (Adidas), Shirt (David and Goliath), Necklace (iMoustache Shop), Pants (Zara), Shoes (Mundo)

Jacket from Adidas. Printed Tee from David and Goliath. Necklace from iMoustache Shop.

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